Picture of person wearing necklaces

Caring for Your Stainless Steel Jewlery

Picture of person wearing necklaces

Stainless steel jewelry is amazing when it comes to providing a fashionable look at a reasonable cost! However, despite our products being gold plated, waterproof, and non-tarnish, they aren't invincible.

Stainless steel jewelry can last for a couple of years, and even longer when taken care. It's especially important that you take care of your affirmation jewelry as it will likely be something you wear more often than not, making your jewelry prone to air exposure, sweat, and the likeliness of your jewelry rubbing against other materials. (Photo by Cheyenne Doig on Unsplash).

In order to keep your jewelry in best shape, follow the instructions below:

  • When wearing your jewelry, avoid rubbing against hard or rough objects to prevent scratches
  • Wash hands before putting on/taking off jewelry
  • Take jewelry off before bed
  • Put jewelry on after spraying perfume, putting on lotion, and makeup (avoid spraying perfume around the areas your necklace will touch)
  • Take off jewelry when showering/swimming, and exercising. Chemicals in shampoos, moisture and humidity, and even sweat can dull the metal's shine and cause tarnishing
  • Clean jewelry after each wear by gently wiping surface with a damp cotton ball; alternatively you can use a microfiber cloth
    • Every couple of weeks, do a deep clean. Soak your piece in warm water and mild dish soap for a couple of minutes to loosen up any dirt and residue, and then carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth to restore shine
  • Store your stainless steel pieces separately from jewelry made of other metals. It is best if you keep your stainless steel items in a jewelry box/case, individual bags, or the pouches they come in

And like that, you can ensure your jewelry remains in tip-top shape :) 

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