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Affirmations Defined and How to Use Them

Picture of a sign by a tree that says "you are worthy of love."

Affirmations are positive statements that you tell yourself about yourself. They represent what is true, or in other words matter or fact, about who you are in your true essence. They are a declaration of sorts which can be followed by an “I am” statement, but they don’t have to. (Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash ). 

Some examples of affirmation are:

  • “I am worthy of living my dream life"
  • “I am capable of achieving the body of my dreams”
  • “I am deserving of a life of happiness”
  • “I treat my body with love and respect.”

Although the last example doesn’t use the “I am” phrase, it still demonstrates saying something positive to yourself about yourself. No matter who you are, where you’re at in your life, or where you are reading this from, affirmations can take you to the next level and it is a MAJOR thing that people are missing out on in their life, if they haven't incorporated it into their daily routine. 

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner. Anytime that you spend talking negatively about yourself or treating yourself poorly will influence your outer world. Even if you do things that are loving towards yourself, like going to the gym, eating a healthy meal, reading, praying, whatever, you could still feel like something is missing or that you deeply lack self love, worth, respect, and or confidence. Why would that be? It stems from deep rooted beliefs that you have about yourself and the world around you. In other words, how you feel about yourself is greatly impacted by your subconscious mind. 

Your subconscious mind stores everything that ever happens to you and it influences how you react to things. Your subconscious mind allows you to operate on your day-to-day functions without having to think much about it. In  a way, this is actually beneficial to us because we don’t have to be conscious for every single thing we do, which could be tasking if we did.

Our subconscious can be a pain when we have to undue certain beliefs, ESPECIALLY OUR LIMITING BELIEFS, that we have about ourselves and the world around us. Maybe you experienced feeling rejected all throughout your childhood, and it took a lot for you to learn about your own self-worth. You may consciously tell yourself that you are enough, but deep down, your subconscious still holds this belief that you are not worthy of being chosen. So despite consciously making a decision to do something good for your mind, body, spirit, or soul… deep down, you could still be holding onto something that ultimately holds you back.

The good thing is that you can learn to rewrite what you hold in our subconscious through repetition. Think about it. When you first learn how to drive a car, you are extremely conscious about every single little thing between each bump in the road, to the sirens you hear, to the traffic lights. But then, with time, you learn to become confident with your driving through repetition then you don’t really have to think much about it. 

Think about all the other things you do in your day to day that are driven by your subconscious! Think about all of the events you’ve experienced that impact your perception of yourself and the role it could be playing in how you experience your life today. How are you going to address any limiting belief you have so that you can be the person that you are deep down: a person who came into this world who only knew love and light. 

This is why affirmations are so powerful! When you state affirmations regularly, you begin to unwire some of those negative beliefs you carry deep down in your subconscious. The more you consciously choose to do something regularly, the more it becomes a habit that then becomes something you do on autopilot like the driving scenario. So just know that the more you tell yourself you are beautiful, worthy, deserving, limitless, YOU NAME IT, the more you trust/believe it, and it just becomes your reality.

So know that it’s okay to feel slightly uncomfortable or weird at first when you begin to state affirmations. You may even feel like a fraud but just trust in the process and know that the more repetitive you are with something, the more concrete it becomes in your mind and then it’s a fact that no one can convince you otherwise, and from there, you're unstoppable. 

Start of with a list of 3-5 affirmations that you'd like to start telling yourself. You can write these affirmations everyday first thing in the morning and/or before you go to sleep. Alternatively, you could write out your affirmations once and keep them saved on your phone. That way you can just focusing on reading your list daily whether it's in the morning or night. 

And remember you are not in it alone! Be Affirmation was intentionally created to help give you an extra push. So even if you aren't necessarily ready to say affirmations to yourself-because we get it, it can be awkward-you can rock your affirmation jewelry and be confident in knowing that anytime you look at your jewelry you're making an impression on your subconscious. 

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