Women with eyes closed and hand over her heart.

Connecting with and Visualizing Affirmations

Women with eyes closed and hand over her heart.

Saying affirmations are one thing, emotionally connecting with them are another. This is what makes or breaks the possibilities of what affirmations can do for you in your life. So what does it mean to emotionally connect with affirmations? It starts with identifying the emotion you associate with the affirmation itself. So if you tell yourself “I am more than enough,” then you have to start with describing what emotion you would assume to feel when taking on that identity. Maybe it’s confidence or an immense level of self worth. Then you visualize yourself feeling confident and embodying a person who has the utmost level of self worth. Any time you state your affirmations, you picture carrying yourself with confidence and feel that as deeply as you can. This my friends, is how you connect with the affirmations you tell yourself (Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash). 

So the next time you state your affirmations, visualize what each statement looks like, sounds like, tastes like, and feels like. Picture how you will carry yourself as you become the affirmations you tell yourself. How are you acting when you’re alone and around others? What are you doing throughout your day? How does it feel to live a life where this affirmation is your truth? How has embodying this affirmation impacted your life? Connect with this image as if you are experiencing it in the exact moment you are stating it.  

There are few reasons why this process is important:  

  1. When you can visualize your affirmation, it becomes more real. And when something becomes more real, it feels attainable…possible, which boosts your confidence, motivation, and discipline to continue. 
  2. A lot of times, we say we want things but we don’t really know why. Visualizing your affirmation will help you get clear on why that affirmation is important to you. 
  3. It empowers you to access whatever emotion you want to access at any given moment.
  4. Each part is connected. What you say, what you envision about it, and how it makes you feel are all pieces of the puzzle. In order to be what you want, you have to encourage yourself, be able to see what you want as if it is in your own hands, and feel the emotion and connection that you associate with it. 

The biggest tip I have is to choose and create affirmations that you personally connect to. For some, saying something like “I am beautiful” may resonate more and for others saying “I am the love I’ve been searching for” may hit deeper. Choose what you have in your mind and in your heart about what you want out of your life, connect with it on an emotional level, and visualize what feels like to say that statement with the utmost confidence and truth. 

You got this! I believe in you and your ability to create the life of your dreams. <3

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